It all started with an artistic drought...

We've all been there. That period of time when you are looking for the next big idea and it just never seems to come.

For me that my drought was more of a flood. It was jam packed with bad ideas... ideas that I didn't love, were impractical, unfocused, projects for the sake of projects, etc. But for every bad idea, I took one step closer to here. 

This project is a combination of technology and social media to make art that inspires me to turn things upside down... literally. 

Creating these pieces has to be done backwards. I see the backside of the piece and work from there. Creating art from a completely different point of view. 

What started out as a simple project has become a huge part of my everyday approach to my work. What does this moment look like upside down, inside out, backwards, from another point of view, or completely reversed. I'm challenging myself to see differently and share those views publicly. 

For the full collection, head to Instagram. Prints coming soon.